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FAITH. DIALOGUE. MOTION. ...using dialogue as a catalyst for social change.


If our faith…is such that it is destroyed by force of argument, then let it be destroyed; for it will have proved that we do not possess the truth.

-Clement of Alexandria, Stromata

KineticsLive.com is an information ministry that integrates theological reflection and practice, and uses dialogue as a catalyst for social change. Featuring leading voices from the academy, church and community.

“Kinetics in both content and platform is leading edge with respect to theological education and advocacy.”

Dr. Alton B. Pollard, III

Dean and Professor of Religion and Culture at Howard University School of Divinity 

“Oh, if all the people would be prophets of God…” Thank you for holding the church accountable, and calling us to truthful witness. God bless you man! You are a balm to this old soul”

– Rev. Dr. Allan A. Boesak

Anti-Apartheid Activist & Desmond Tutu Chair of Peace, Global Justice and Reconciliation Studies

“Jamye Wooten… remains one of the best documenters of social justice movements in Baltimore…”

– Dr. Raymond Winbush

Institute for Urban Research Morgan State University

“… most progressive blog that deals with people of African descent, the Church, and issues of social justice.”

Rev. D. Anthony Everett

Associate Director of NCCD for African-American Ministries Kentucky Conference of the United Methodist Church

“Kinetics is a glorious movement that unsettles the satisfied, convicts the comfortable, and challenges clergy – in Jesus name!”

Rev. Heber Brown, III

Pastor and Community Leader, Pleasant Hope Baptist Church

“… a critical player on the front lines of significant changes taking place in the structure and practice of American Religion..” 

Dr. R. Drew Smith

Co-Convener of the Transatlantic Roundtable on Religion and Race


Jamye Wooten


A faith-rooted organizer, digital strategist, and 2016 New Maryland Economy Fellow with the Institute for Policy Studies 

Jamye is the founder of KineticsCom.com and publishing editor of KineticsLive.com, an information ministry that integrates theological reflection and practice, and uses dialogue as a catalyst for social change.

Jamye had been on the forefront of Black Church Activism in the Digital Era and has been invited consecutively to SXSW, the world’s largest interactive festival. In the Fall of 2015, he launched the #BlackChurchSyllabus, providing resources that help cultivate a deeper theological framework to pursue justice. In April 2015, Jamye co-founded Baltimore United for Change, a coalition of grassroots organizations in Baltimore City that organized in response to the death of #FreddieGray.

Jamye has organized and documented social movements from across the United States, United Kingdom and Africa.  He is the former program director of the Collective Banking Group, Inc. (CBG), a Christian ministry that draws together leaders from the faith, business, and public service sectors to develop and enhance economic empowerment strategies for the African American community. His Twitter handle is @KineticsLive.

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