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FAITH. DIALOGUE. MOTION. ...using dialogue as a catalyst for social change.

The Institute for Black Catholic Studies – 2017 Summer Session


2017 Th.M.  Degree Course Descriptions

A.M. Courses (8:45 – 11:45)

IBTH 5010:  Black Approaches to Theology.  Stresses the nature, methods and sources of Black Theology, the reasons justifying its existence and its relationship to other theologies within the Catholic tradition. (Core Course) (Requirement for all new students) (3) Rev. Dwight Webster, Ph.D.

IBTH 5020:  History of Black Catholicism.  Role played by Blacks in Catholicism from the beginning of the Church, special emphasis on the relationship of Blacks in American Catholicism. (Core Course) (3) Cecilia A. Moore, Ph.D.

IBTH 5998:  Urban Education in the Black Community.  Explore the definitions, issues and challenges of schools in urban communities.  Institutional and social conditions will be explored in order to define barriers then determine strategies for change and transformation of urban education. (Area Requirement) (3) Kirk P. Gaddy, Ed.D.

P.M. Courses (1:45 – 4:45)

IBTH 5600:  Moral Questions in the Black Community.  Ethical and moral questions of special importance or which raise special problems for the Black community and Black Church.  (Core Course) (3) Shawnee Daniel-Sykes, Ph.D.

IBTH 5430:  Spirituality of Black Literature.  Use Black American literature to study the spirituality of a people to understand and articulate the spirituality expressed in the works, songs, prayers, relationships and daily lives of Black people. (Area requirement) (3) Ernest L. Gibson, III, Ph.D.

IBTH 5997:  Integrative Colloquium.  Helps students in the first-year to enter more deeply into a way of thinking, reflecting, conversing and writing about questions and issues that emerge from their ministry and ministerial research.  The Colloquium assists students to meet the goal of preparing successful drafts of the major theological research paper and the Practicum proposal. (3)  .  (Core Course) (Requirement for all new students) Modeste Malu Nyimi, Ph.D.

2017 IBCS C&E Courses

Week One – June 26—June 30

LDER 0007D: Pastoring in the Black Catholic Community Rev. Manuel Williams, CR, MDiv, ThM / Rev. Gerard Marable, MDiv, ThM This Course explores Black identity and from historical, pastoral and individual viewpoints as a preparation for more effective ministry in the Black community. (M-F, 9:00-1145AM-1:45-4:00PM) (All Day Course)

LDER 0018:  The Spirituality of Thea Bowman and Howard Thurman C. Vanessa White, DMin Sr. Thea Bowman and Dr. Howard Thurman made profound contributions to the spiritual discourse of the Civil Rights Movement (Thurman) and the Institute for Black Catholic Studies (Bowman).  We will explore how this heritage speaks to global challenges of our day. (M-F, 8:45-11:45AM)

CATF 0013:  I Love to Tell the Story Therese Wilson-Favors, MS Evangelization and catechesis work together to foster mature faith—one that makes us both conscious recipients and steadfast instruments of a mighty good God.  This course will familiarize participants with successful pastoral resources for evangelization and catechesis in the Black Catholic community featuring Operation Faith Lift and Keep On Teaching. (M-F, 8:4511:45AM)

LIMU 004:  Somebody Prayed for Me Rawn Harbor, MTS Participants in this course will be steeped in the rich spiritual, cultural, artistic, musical and communal engagement that empowers prayer, proclamation, music and song within the African American Catholic community. (M-F, 1:45-4:45PM)

CORE 0010:  A Prophetic Word for These Times Danielle Harrison, MA, JD What does it mean to be prophetic? How does one speak to the “signs of the Times”? Studying the prophets of the Old Testament as well as those of contemporary times, we will explore these questions and think about ways that the prophetic tradition challenges and inspires us today. (M-F, 1:454:45PM)

Week Two – July 3—July 7

CORE  0011:  A Theology of Black Lives Matter Diana Hayes, PhD, Brian Turner, PhD, Manuel Williams, CR, ThM, Heather Malveaux, MPH, MPS What do we mean when we say “Black Lives Matter?”  Understandings differ depending on who is asking the question.  This course will explore the emergence and development of this term into a new Civil Rights Movement.  Drawing on the integrally interdependent perspectives of Black theology, psychology, pastoral ministry and community activism, the course will invite participants to ponder the personal and communal potential of the term to garner meaningful resources and strategies that address the challenges of our day. (M-F, 8:45-11:45AM)

LDER 0019:  Community Organizing for Justice Megan Black/PICO National Network This course will introduce participants to the principles and practices of faith-rooted community organizing in multi-racial and multi-faith contexts.  Emphasis will be given to reviewing the impact of organizing efforts throughout the country, exploring essential organizing principles and nurturing the practical community organizing skills. (M-F, 1:45-4:45PM)

Week Three – July 10—July 14

SREP 0001:  The Elders Retreat: Renewed-Revived-Ready Retreat Director: Mrs. Thelma Lucas Elders (age 55+) are invited to a week of prayer, reflection, discussion, recreation, and renewal. Come celebrate the legacy of elders in the Black Catholic community.  Let the Spirit revive, renew, and keep you ready to share the wisdom that continues to sustain our community. (M-F, 9:0011:45AM, 2:00-4:00PM) (All Day Course)

LDER  0020:  Nurturing the Psychological Strengths of African Americans Brian Turner, PhD This course will explore the implied and overt skills that many African Americans utilize in their daily lives to address issues of race and ethnicity.  Students will be able to critically discuss the function and effectiveness of seven psychological strengths that Dr. Joseph White believes to be critical to African American survival and success. (M-F, 8:45-11:45AM)

CORE  0012:  A Survey of Womanist Theology Diana Hayes, PhD This course explores the origins and development of contemporary womanist theology, which began as a critique of Black Liberation Theology and Feminist Theology.  Emphasis will be given to the significance of God, Jesus, the Holy Spirit, the Black Christian churches and the Black community to reveal the role and impact of Black women of African descent in U.S. Christianity. (M-F, 8:45-11:45AM)

LDER  0021:  Lay Pastoral Ministry: Agents of Social Change Kimberly Lymore, DMin Living out and promoting discipleship is at the heart of lay pastoral ministry.  This course focuses on promoting discipleship through six core practices: teaching, preaching, worship and prayer, pastoral care, social justice and administration.  It will also explore how sharing our story encourages other people to move beyond their comfort zones to become agents of social change. (M-F, 1:45-4:45PM)

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