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Protecting Our Communities: A Community Guide to Resisting the Trump Budget

Protecting Our Communities: A Community Guide to Resisting the Trump Budget

Webinar with the Center for Community Change and National Priorities Project

Wednesday, April 19th 11am – 12:30pm PT / 2pm – 3:30pm ET

Dear Friends and Allies who Stand and Move Boldly in the Black Prophetic Faith Traditions,

As people of faith and action we know that budgets are more than just dollars and numbers.  They are moral documents that reveal our deepest values and priorities.  President Trump’s recent budget’ proposal exposes what many of us already know:  The powers and principalities in high places in America remain bent on maintaining systems of economy and politics that serve the interests of the rich and wealthy at the expense of the rest of us.  The President and his allies in Congress have laid out an agenda that prioritizes tax cuts for corporations and CEOs, more military spending, and terrorizing Black, Brown, Muslim and LGBTQI people through draconian policies that would erode basic living standards, education, and good jobs.

What President Trump and his allies value is clear.  The budget plan that they are purveying is diabolical.We must intensely resist and push forward with a moral vision for a nation where everyone can thrive—with a bias toward those who are struggling the most.

Join us on April 19th to learn about how the proposed Trump budget will impact our local communities and how we can fight back—together. We’ll discuss:

  • Experiences of sustained divestment in communities and the need for government to value families trying to make ends meet rather than target and control our communities
  • Where federal money goes and where it comes from, who makes the decisions and how.
  • How Trump’s proposals for militarization, from policing to the Pentagon, immigration enforcement, and cuts to jobs, education, housing, health would be felt by Black and other communities of color around the country.
  • Tools and resources (i.e., sample op-eds, press releases, and fact sheets) that can assist your community in engaging with local elected officials, media.

Using National Priorities Project’s online tools we will  show in real time how Trump’s proposals would affect your state or city, and what a values driven, responsible budget alternative would look like.

We must resist as we push for investments needed for our communities to thrive.

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Jun 20 2024


02:00 PM - 03:30 PM

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  • Date: Jun 20 2024
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Center for Community Change


Center for Community Change
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